About the School

The School of Economics at Renmin University of China (RUC) was founded in 1998, combining the former Department of Economics, Department of International Economics and Graduate School of Economics. The origin of the School can be traced back to the Department of Finance and Economics established in 1946 by the North-China United University, RUCí»s predecessor.

Holding an outstanding reputation for academic excellence, the School is among the first in China to confer the masterí»s and doctoral degrees in Political Economy, National Economics and International Economics. It is also among the first to provide post-doctoral programs authorized by the Ministry of Education.

RUC is recognized throughout the country and abroad for its leading role in the development of economics in China, both in terms of its pioneering role and its continuous teaching and research excellence. The School of Economics currently has 52 full professors, 43 associate professors, 387 Ph.D. students and 434 Masterí»s.

The School of Economics has a high international profile and level of engagement. The School has established long-term, cooperative relationships with top universities in Europe, North America, Japan and Australia. In addition, the School has appointed several world-renowned economists as honorary professors, including Joseph Stiglitz, Robert Mundell, Gregory Chow, and Lawrence Lau.

The mission of the School of Economics is to become a leader in the quality of our economic programs. The School strives to achieve this goal through its continuous commitments to build a world-class discipline, to build and retain a high-quality faculty, to bring out the very best in our students, and to become a catalyst for the development of society.