Graduate Economics Association

Graduate Economics Association, Renmin University of China is a student-run organization directed by the university Communist Youth League Committee. Its main mission is to serve graduate students and second baccalaureate  degree students. It is made up of seven departments, such including the doctoral department, academic practice department, publicity and information gathering department, administrative department, sports and entertainment department, career planning department and social practice department.

The doctoral department provides learning exchanges, scientific innovation, social practice platform for doctoral students.

The academic practice department not only inherits a tradition that values theory, but also focuses on practice. It strives for a balance between theory and practice, providing a platform where teachers and students exchange thoughts and inspire new ideas.

The publicity and information gathering department is responsible for the maintenance of the school’s website as well as news and editorial contents of the association.

The administrative department conveys, supervises and implements all the decisions and plans made by meetings of the committee; coordinates the work of various functional departments; distributesmaterials; records and archives works of the graduate economics association; and communicates with student unions at other institutions.

The sports and entertainment department is responible for organizing various arts and cultural activities and sports events to enrich students’ life and nourish their artistic interest and sportsmanship. Its star program is “Jingying Hudong”, a series of sports games between teachers and students.

The career planning department aims to provide both career planning guidance and employment skills training for students. And it is an ideal platform to plan individual careers and improve one’s interviewing skills. Its “JingYing Daohang” is well-known among job-market candidates.

The social practice department is designed to provide students with professional internship opportunities.

Contact: Mr. Bao Linda