Undergraduates Union

The Undergraduates Union in SchoolofEconomicsat Renmin University of China is a student organization aimed at providing assistance and service for the great mass of students. It acts as a crucial bridge and bond to link and coordinate the relationships of all aspects of college life.

Under the guide of the school authority, with the warm care and great support from teachers and students in the school, the union strives for the mission of serving wholeheartedly for students and sticks to the principles of “rigor, pragmatism, innovation” ever since its establishment. The fifteen departments of the Undergraduates Union conduct activities on academic research, social practice, sports and cultural events. Up to now, activities such as Single’s Day party, the Graduation party, career development guidance, celebrity lectures and a series of sports competitions have achieved tremendous success. Owing to all these efforts, students’ intellectual and spiritual life has been largely enriched.  

Contact: Ms. LI Peijie
Office: Room 616MingdeMainBuilding,RenminUniversityofChina
Phone: 82509078