The SchoolofEconomics Laboratoryat Renmin University of China is a modern economics laboratory supported by “211 Project” and “985 Project” funds.

Daniel McFadden (UC Berkeley, Nobel Prize Winner)

Georege Loewenstein (Carnegie Mellon U.)

The laboratory is located in room 0508 of Ming De Main Building, covering 130 square meters and containing 40 PC terminals. It supports Windows and Linux environments, and provides separated individual spaces for behavioral economics experiments. In addition, it has three Windows PC-class servers, a Linux PC-class server, and Linux server for numerical computing.The laboratory’s software includes its own experimental recruitment system, STATA10 teaching version, and STATA12 MP8. The laboratory supports an economics interactive experimental environment with Z-tree software. It also has a microeconomics teaching / research software designed byRenminUniversity, which has been used in many activities organized by Ministry of Education, and has drawn huge interests from other universities.  

Shaym Sunder (Yale)

Reinhard Selten (Bonn U, Nobel Prize Winner)

The laboratory has supported productive research including some projects collaborated with scholars from theUS,Sweden, andGermany. Three SSCI, nine CSCI, one SCI papers have been published based on experimental studies conducted in this laboratory. Part of the studies can be found from the lists below.  

Wang, X. “When Workers Do Not Know –the Behavioral Effects of Minimum Wage Laws Revisited”, The Journal of Economic Psychology, 33 (2012) 951–962

Kriss, P. H. G.LoewensteinX. Wang, R. A. Weber, “Behind the veil of ignorance: Self-serving bias in climate change negotiations,”Judgment and Decision Making, Vol. 6, No. 7, October 2011,pp. 602-615  

Wang, X. “Retail Return Policy, Endowment Effect, and Consumption Propensity: An Experimental Study,” The B.E. Journal of Economic Analysis & Policy: Vol. 9,Iss. 1 (Topics) (2009), Article 38.