Grades and Exams

1 A course grade consists of a pre-exam score and a final exam score. The pre-exam score should make up 30%-60% of the total score. The pre-test score should take into consideration attendance,mid-term examinations, assignments, reading reports, quizzes, questions and so on.

2 The scores of all students enrolled in a course should resemble a normal distribution. Scores higher than 90 should make up less than 20% of the whole class.

3 The instructor should finish grading final exams and enter final grades into the grade management system within one week after the final examination.

GPA Calculation scores rank GPA
90-100 A 4.0
86-89 A- 3.7
83-85 B+ 3.3
80-82 B 3.0
76-79 B- 2.7
73-75 C+ 2.3
70-72 C 2.0
66-69 C- 1.7
63-65 D+ 1.3
60-62 D 1.0
PASS P 1.0

4 If a student does not pass a course, she or he should take the course and attend its examination again. A course cannot be taken more than twice. The school should arrange an examination for students within two weeks at the beginning of next semester.