List of Databases

1 China Customs Statistics (2000-2006)
This database includes macro data from China’s Customs about imports and exports, and is a basic research database in the fields of international trade and world economy. (Open to faculty members in theSchoolofEconomics)

2 China Industrial Economy Database2009
This database  covers statistics on medium-large enterprises from the National Bureau of Statistics. (Open to faculty members in theSchoolofEconomics)

3 Bankscope (until December 30, 2014)
As one of the world’s most authoritative financial databases, this database is divided into Base module, Interim module, Ownership module, and US Banks module databases. (Open to faculty members and students at Renmin University of China)

4 China Cheng FT database (until December 31, 2013)
This database contains macroeconomic data from CEIN data Limited, multiple indices from China Securities Index Co.,Ltd., product information from China Government Securities Depository Trust & Clearing Co. Ltd. (CDC), and inter-bank market information from China Foreign Exchange Trade Center. (Open to faculty members at Renmin University of China)

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Phone: 82500255