11月3日世纪经英论坛系列学术报告之Paula Stephan


演讲题目: The Economics of Science
演讲人:Paula Stephan教授 (美国佐治亚州立大学经济学系和NBER
时间: 113日(周一)下午300


  Paula Stephans research interests focus on the careers of scientists and engineers and the process by which knowledge moves across institutional boundaries in the economy.
  She has published numerous articles in journals such as The American Economic Review, Science, The Journal of Economic Literature, Economic Inquiry and Social Studies of Science. Stephan coauthored with Sharon Levin Striking the Mother Lode in Science, published by Oxford University Press, 1992. The book was reviewed in Science, Chemical and Engineering News, Journal of Economic Literature, The Southern Economic Journal and The Journal of Higher Education. Her research on the careers of scientists has been the focus of articles in The Economist, Science and The Scientist.

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