[政治经济学工作坊]The income distributive channel of monetary policy

报告题目:The income distributive channel of monetary policy
时间:2018年12月12日 星期三 10:00-11:30


报告人:路易斯-菲利普·罗尚(Louis-Philippe Rochon)

摘要:Underlying questions are concerned: how well do we understand the impact of monetary policy on the real economy? How well do we understand the causes of inflation, and how it relates to monetary policy in an IT regime? The truth is, non-IT central banks have performed just as well as IT central banks in “controlling” the inflation rate; In other words, inflation-targeting countries do not perform necessarily better relative to non inflation-targeting countries. What does this mean? Two possibilities: IT is an irrelevant policy where inflation is attained by sheer luck; non-IT central are behaving like IT central banks. In this lecture, we brief discussion of current monetary thinking and the mainstream’s views on monetary policy and income distribution. Then, a discussion of a different approach, ‘the income distributive nature of monetary policy’: rate of interest as an income distributive variable; and focuses on the revenue side: income distributive rule; higher rates redistribute income to rentiers: the ‘revenge of the rentier’.

报告人简介:路易斯-菲利普·罗尚(Louis-Philippe Rochon),于纽约新学院获经济学博士学位,加拿大劳伦森大学教授,主要研究领域涵盖后凯恩斯主义经济学、货币理论与政策、全球化和金融化、国际货币体系等等。发表论文(章)近百篇,主编著作十余部。Review of Political Economy的联合主编(co-editor),Review of Keynesian Economics的创刊和荣誉主编,The Encyclopaedia of Post-Keynesian Economics和系列图书New Directions in Post-Keynesian Economics的联合主编,是Cambridge Journal of Economics、Journal of Economic Issues、Journal of Post Keynesian Economics等十余家杂志的匿名审稿人,曾获加尔布雷斯奖(John Kenneth Galbraith Award)。

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