[能源经济学研讨会]Human capital quality, institutional quality and environmental quality



Human capital quality, institutional quality and environmental quality





   This paper addresses the sustainable development dilemma between environment and growth by constructing a theoretical framework with empirical support. We argue that the improvement of either human capital or institutional quality alone does not resolve environmental challenges. A joint effect between the two is required to alleviate the environmental impact for any economy. Our theoretical model features a simple channel between human capital and institution for pollution mitigation. A cross-country dataset from 133 nations over the 1990–2014 period is used to test our theoretical predictions. We find that quality-adjusted human capital which combines with better institution tends to produce less pollution. This effect is mainly driven by advanced economies and becomes more pronounced when better rule of law and control of corruption are effectively executed. Our result remains the same with instrumental variable approach and survives over a series of robustness checks. Relevant policy implications are discussed.


  Dr. Lin Zhang holds a PhD in economics from ETH Zurich and bachelor degrees from Peking University, and is currently an assistant professor in the City University of Hong Kong. With a focus on energy and environmental economics, his research aims to develop improved quantitative modelling approaches for the design, evaluation, and upgrade of sustainable energy and environmental policies at local, regional, and global levels. Zhang`s research has been published in top-field journals in economics and management such as the European Economic Review, Journal of Environmental Economics and Management, Energy Economics, Resource and Energy Economics, The Energy Journal, China Economic Review, Journal of Environmental Management, and Journal of Cleaner Production. His research has been funded by the Swiss Federal Office of Energy, Swiss National Science Foundation, Research Grants Council of Hong Kong, European Environmental Agency, among others.

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