[世纪经英论坛​]A Review of the Trump Trade Agenda

讲座嘉宾:乔治华盛顿大学教授Joseph Pelzman
讲座题目:A Review of the Trump Trade Agenda
讲座地点: 明德主楼728会议室
    Professor Pelzman is an internationally recognized authority and author on US and WTO international trade policy, the economics of international trade law, contemporary international trade policies affecting the PRC, with a strong interest in the Transition economies in Europe and in Asia. Before joining the faculty at George Washington in 1980 he was a Brookings Institution Economic Policy Fellow. Prior to that he was a faculty member at the University of South Carolina (1976-79). Professor Pelzman is the current Managing Editor, of the Global Economy Journal and President of the International Trade and Finance Association. He is also a frequent contributor to the international media, and has been a consultant to various governments, research institutions, foundations, and private corporations. Professor Pelzman is a prolific author, having published articles in a number of leading economics journals, including the American Economic Review, Journal of Political Economy, European Economic Review, Southern Economic Journal and more recently published a number of books.
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