[产业经济学研讨会]Assigning Responsibility to Teams

【时间】2017年12月13日(周三)   12:00-13:30

【主讲】李新宇  Research Fellow (Post-doc),Paderborn University
【主题】Assigning Responsibility to Teams
【点评】尹训东 中央财经大学中国公共财政与政策研究院副教授
【摘要】This paper provides a rationale for why holding responsible fewer rather than more members of a team increases team success. Team members can freely coordinate on who should do what. The outside world cannot observe what happened within the team but only whether the team was successful or not. In case of failure, one or several members of the team may be sanctioned. If the organization places little emphasis on protecting the right of `innocent` team members and team cohesion is low, holding the whole team formally responsible is optimal. Otherwise, assigning responsibility to one member is optimal.

【主讲人介绍】李新宇: 荷兰Maasstricht大学经济学博士,德国Paderborn大学研究员。已经在 Journal of Economics & Management Strategy和PLoS ONE等国际一流期刊发表多篇论文。研究领域为产业组织理论,行为与实验经济学,竞争政策,卫生经济学、博弈论等。

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