[能源经济学研讨会 ]清华大学环境学院鲁玺副教授学术演讲



  In the 21st Conference of the Parties held in Paris in December 2015, China pledged to peak its carbon emissions and increase non-fossil energy to 20% by 2030 or earlier. Expanding renewable capacity, especially wind power, is a central strategy to achieve these climate goals. Despite greater capacity for wind installation in China compared to the US, less wind electricity is generated in China. The talk will focus on tackling such a complicated issue. It will begin with a brief review on the policy and history for development of wind power in China and then address particularly its economically feasible potential of wind power. In this context, a new approach is proposed to quantify the relative importance of the key factors accounting for the unsatisfactory performance of Chinese wind farms. Different from qualitative studies, our analysis indicates that the difference in wind resources explains only a small fraction of the current US-China difference in wind power output; the curtailment of wind power, differences in turbine quality and delayed connection to the grid are identified as the three primary factors. Improvements in both technology choices and the policy environment are critical in addressing these challenges. Countermeasures will be discussed in the case studies at the end. 

  鲁玺,国家优秀青年基金获得者,入选中组部青年千人计划,清华大学环境学院副教授。主要从事低碳能源、气候变化与环境复杂系统建模与政策研究,包括风能与太阳能潜力评估技术,多能互补与多系统优化综合效益大数据建模,城镇化、低碳发展与大气污染控制的协同效益研究等。美国地球物理协会(AGU)会员,留美青年学者环境论坛(CESF)创办人。研究成果发表在Science, PNAS, Nature Energy, Nature Communications, ES&T等环境与能源领域重要期刊。担任SCI期刊Energy Strategy Reviews副主编。

    能源经济学研讨会(Energy Economics Seminar)由中国人民大学经济学院能源经济系定期推出,旨在为研究中国能源经济问题的学者提供交流的平台。


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